Frequently Asked Question

If you want to change your password, from the home screen, click the 'Settings icon', represented by three dots, found in the top right corner on the home screen. Click on 'Settings', then 'Change Password'. When the 'change password' dialog appears, supply your old password, new password and confirm your new password. Click on 'Change Password' to change your password.
After confirming your payment, select 'MTN Mobile Money' from the list of networks, enter your mobile money number. Dial *170# and select option 7, my wallet. Select option 3 for my approvals. Enter PIN to get your pending approval lists. Select pending transaction to approve. Select option 1, Yes to approve the transaction or option 2 to reject the transaction.
After confirming your payment, click on 'Mobile Money' and select 'Tigo Cash from the list of networks, enter your tigo cash number. Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet. A dialog box will appear that says 'Almost Done!', if your tigo cash number is in the same phone you are using for the transaction, click on 'ALLOW PAYMENT', otherwise dial *501*5# and follow the prompt to make payment.
After confirming your payment, click on 'Mobile Money' and select 'Vodafone Cash from the list of networks, enter your vodafone cash number. Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet. A dialog will appear which says 'Please dial *110*6# to request for a token.' A token is supposed to be generated and sent to you by vodafone cash. If it doesn't appear but rather shows another prompt, select option 6. A token will be sent to you by vodafone cash. Enter the 6 digits token to authorize payment.
After confirming your payment, click on 'Mobile Money' and select 'Airtel Money from the list of networks, enter your airtel money number and wait for the prompt. Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet, otherwise the prompt will not come. When the prompt comes, enter your 4 digits pin to allow payment.
To reset your password, go to the 'SIGN IN' screen and click on 'RESET PASSWORD', a dialog box will appear, enter the phone number you used to sign up. A 5 digits pin will be sent to your phone, enter the correct pin, you will be sent to 'Reset Password' screen, choose a new password and confirm it. You can now sign in with your new password.
If you have any issue or inquiry, first visit our FAQ to see if your issue has been addressed. If not call our helplines +233-543-224-380 / +233-202-242-1196. Or send us email on
If you are trying to make a request with the app, but the 'Buy' button is unresponsive, please check and make sure that you have filled all inputs correctly. Firstly the meter number should be either 8 or 9 characters. All the other input fields are required.
Manage Meter is a meter management wizard, that allows you to add meters prior to, or during your purchase of prepaid. When you want to purchase prepaid, you simply select the meter you want to buy the prepaid on, and provide the amount. You can buy prepaid without having to type the information every time you want to buy prepaid. If you want to edit or delete meter you have already added, swipe from left to right. You can also add meter from 'Buy Prepaid' screen, toggle the 'Save Meter' icon until it turns blue. That meter information will be save while you are purchasing your prepaid.
"Pay 4 me" is another awesome feature in Epower Version 1.3.6 upwards. Here, you can ask your friends and loved ones to buy you prepaid buy sending them the prepaid information such as meter ID, meter owner's name, location and amount. When your friends receive the request, they as well have the option to accept or reject it. When they choose to accept it, they will be made to buy the prepaid on your behalf.
As of version 1.3.5, you can reorder a transaction you made previously, simply to go 'Transactions' in the menu. Go to 'Successful', 'Failed', 'Refund' or 'New' based on the status of your previous transaction. You will see a 'Reorder' button against the transaction, click on it and reorder that transaction.
Regular updates of Epower app is necessary for the following reasons; - Improvement of general performance. - New features are added through our updates. - Security improvements are made.
To update to the latest version on android and IOS, make sure that you have internet connectivity and open the Google Play and App Store app respectively, and search for 'Epower', you will see 'Update button', click on it and wait until update is completed. No changes will be made to your personal settings and data.
There are small service charges when you use Epower app to buy prepaid. To find out more about the charges, go to 'Charges' in the menu, in the Epower app.